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Behind Brewer's Crackers, A Company Launched
By Commack Bros.
The product's key ingredient is spent grains from the craft beer-brewing process. Here's how two boys raised in Commack started the venture.

South Bay's Neighbor Newspapers - November 2019
"Brewer’s Crackers Expands Product Line
Changes The Cracker Game Thanks
To Boom In Craft Beer Industry"
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Restaurant Hunter

"From Waste To Taste: Brewer’s Crackers"
Commack Brothers Form Resourceful Food Startup
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Edible Magazine – Winter 2018
"Brewer's Crackers"
By Kara and Marni Powers/Photos by Katie Noble
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Boston Globe – November 7, 2017
“Spent grains — making their way into crackers, pretzels, cookies — have never tasted so good”
By Lisa Zwirn
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Boston Globe – October 3, 2017
"Not Spent for Nothing"
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Boston Magazine – May 28, 2017
"Wish List: Beach Snacks, Boston Magazine"
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