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GMA: Sustainable snacks that taste good and do good for the environment

See Article:  https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/food/story/sustainable-snacks-taste-good-good-environment-77114409
Sustainable snacking has never been easier this Earth Day with new inventive and delicious upcycled products that fight foodwaste.

Whether it's pulp, peels or stems from various produce, check out the companies that have created crave-worthy bites out of upcycled ingredients that not only taste good, but do good for the environment.

The family owned upcycled company takes would-be food waste from the craft brewing industry and transforms it into a cracker worthy of any fine charcuterie board or a simple snack.

The spent grains, like barley, that are steeped in water during the beer-making process still hold incredible flavor and nutrients that Brewer's recycles and combines with flour to create a healthy and sustainable product.

"By making upcycled products like chips and crackers with the leftover barley and wheat from craft breweries, it allows ingredients to reach their full potential and value," Kyle Fiasconario, one of the two brothers and founders of the brand, told "Good Morning America."

"When farmers grow food they do so with the best intentions and care; this takes time, energy, water and space," he explained. "People can help positively affect the environment through fighting food waste. By supporting the movement to make every piece of food go further and do more, you help farmers, your family and the environment."


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